• Is your farm meeting water and effluent compliance?

    Integrating the full suite of Ag Hub modules into existing farm management systems has significantly improved compliance recording, decision making and KPI monitoring for staff and management on a large herd dairy business in Southland. 

  • Want to see all your farm data in one place?

    Ag Hub can monitor and report farm specific data to users in different locations. The tables and graphs displayed in Ag Hub with accurate and up to date information enables improved decision making.

  • Are you sick of doing paperwork?

    The Pearce farm uses Ag Hub to monitor soil water saturation to manage irrigation for optimum grass growth. Reporting to and communicating with the local council is much easier, as Ag Hub users can give consent to the council to directly access information. The system is also set up to automatically alert the user if resource conditions are breached.

  • Want to manage your fertiliser bill?

    Ag Hub is improving environmental monitoring, financial performance, and peace of mind for those involved in a dairy equity partnership in Southland. Precise recording and automatic data collation save time and money, make farm management more effective and efficient, and ensure the business remains proactive rather than reactive both now and in the future.

Sneak peak

We’ve created a video to let you discover what it’s like to use Ag Hub. Take a look and see how automated data is magically turned into valuable insight.

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