At Ballance the focus is on smart products, real science and good people, all working together to help shareholder-farmers get the best from their land and leave their farms in great shape for future generations. Ag Hub is an excellent example of how Ballance is helping to build a more beneficial connection between agriculture and information technology.

The History of Ag Hub

The Ag Hub online farming management system was created in 2009 by Clive Nothling and his team, who were working at Farmworks Precision Farming Systems at the time. The modular system evolved in stages and was first adopted by major corporate farms, such as Wairararapa Moana Inc, who were quick to recognise the value of interpreting various automated data inputs through graphs and tables.

As awareness of Ag Hub spread through the farming community, aided by appearances at Fieldays and A & P Shows, decision makers at Ballance Agri-Nutrients pricked up their ears. They were looking to offer their farmer-shareholders access to an online farming management system, and Ag Hub was exactly what they needed. The upshot was the purchase of Ag Hub by Ballance in 2012.

Today Ag Hub is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, assisted by improved funding, access to a broader customer base and the immense agri-business expertise available through Ballance.