How does it help?

  • Tracks where your GPS-enabled irrigator has been, providing an audit trail and proof of placement.
  • Using effluent nutrient test data and your spreader’s flow and throw measurement, creates daily and seasonal effluent reports tracking volume and depth, as well as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium estimates. 
  • Generates easy-to-view effluent nutrient maps and provides information for staff training.
  • In conjunction with Ag Hub soil conditions and weather data, the Effluent Management module helps determine the optimum time and location to apply effluent reducing the risk of leaching and run-off.
  • Highlights when application rates and 12-month nitrogen levels are exceeded.
  • Makes it easy to schedule effluent irrigation and manage optimal return dates to minimise animal health risks and maximise pasture intake.

What does it look like?