A great farm map, plus your choice of other modules

The foundation for Ag Hub is an accurate GPS map of your farm boundaries, paddocks and land features. To that foundation you add Ag Hub modules, based on your type of farm and specific farming challenges.

Get exactly what you need

You subscribe to Ag Hub a bit like you subscribe to SKY TV. Most people start with the basics – such as Pasture CoverFertiliser and Effluent – then add extra modules as they get into the swing of things.


Data collection is mostly automated

Wherever possible, data entry into Ag Hub is automated:


Alerts keep you out of trouble

When your Ag Hub solution is implemented, TXT alerts can be established to help you identify and fix problems quickly. These include:

  • Effluent pond – high limit achieved
  • Water – consent condition exceeded
  • Dairy herd – count of animals after each milking

Compatible hardware devices are easy to source

You can purchase Ag Hub devices for automated data collection, including platemeters, feed readers and P Plus Software.


Ag Hub Compatible Companies also provide hardware devices that feed into Ag Hub. These include Precision Tracking, TAG I.T and Tru-Test. They offer a range of devices and systems including: effluent systems, soil sensors, weather station, and milk vat and silo monitoring.


If you already have data collecting and transmitting devices, you’ll probably find they’re compatible with Ag Hub.


Ag Hub solves your key challenges, quickly and easily

With Ag Hub on board, challenges that used to give you a headache are easily sorted – like meeting water and effluent compliance, making pasture cover go the distance, putting the right fertiliser in the right place, and understanding how your soil’s doing compared to the same time last year.


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